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About Us



We love our work in which we are passionate and careful in the choice of materials and production. We are proud of our handmade books, boxes, and our selection of top-quality archival inkjet prints. Only in this way will your precious memories be preserved.
We live in a digitalized world, we have taken thousands of photos that are hidden in devices and clouds and will never see the light of day. We recognize that the best and safest way to store your photos is to actually print them on paper and save them for future generations.



The story of our company dates back to 1990, when Bojan and Ksenija Radovic founded the company Vista 21. In 1996, the company was transformed into Luminus and continued to work in the field of photography and digital visual communications.
You could say we come from analog times but we were joined by our three kids slowly taking over the company. The goal, however, remains the same, to transfer your beautiful photo shots into unique books and superb printed photos.



All members of our company are enthusiastic travelers and through travel we have come to know all the beauties and their fragility that our planet has to offer.

This is one of the reasons why sustainable production and protecting our environment are so important to us. We choose materials that are produced in the EU from renewable sources and with certificates. 99% of our products are made in our family studio.
With our development and growth, we strive to bring even more changes in this direction.



We think it’s slowly coming to mind that the best way to preserve photos is to bring them back to the real world. Let your important moments, travels, events ... be recorded in the printed photo. We can offer you this. In the form of a photo book, superbly made photos on archival papers, making photos on materials that are suitable for furnishing your home or business premises.